A Ranger Raptor Rival from Mitsubishi

August 13, 2019

KUALA LUMPUR: Ford Ranger Raptor is not an unknown name in the auto industry. It is known for its strong & appealing looks, feature loaded cabin, and how can we forget about the powerful engine. However, we may soon have a competitor to go against it, coming from Mitsubishi.

Yes, you read it right. We are expecting a Ranger Raptor grade pickup truck from Mitsubishi. Why, do we say so? Well, according to reports, Mitsubishi is known to have filed trademarks for two beefed-up Triton. The said pickup is said to be based on the Japanese automaker Triton Absolute concept. It seems like the concept is likely to see the production daylight soon.

Giving you a little heads-up, the Mitsubishi pickup concept was introduced at the Bangkok Motor Show 2019. It had a very striking exterior with elements like a roof-mounted light bar, carbon fibre trims all around, rail system, protective bash plates for both the ends, black 18-inch wheels wrapped in Falken Wildpeak M/T 285/65 off-road tyres, a sail-plane and bar at the back. Also, the suspension on it was jacked up by 50 mm compared to the standard Triton.

“The Triton Absolute demonstrates our commitment to exploring a vision of the future Triton that will deliver on our ‘engineered beyond tough’ commitment to the Triton series – bold enough to be taken on even more adventurous treks to explore Australia’s rugged outback, which is one of Mitsubishi’s defining strengths,” said John Signoriello, CEO, Mitsubishi Australia.


Article by Purva Jain.